2015 Travel by the Numbers

Happy New Years! Looking back on this past year, 2015 was another big year in travel. Once again, I’ve taken a look back at my 2015 travel numbers and with the help of TripIt have pulled together the stats to paint a story of my year. If you missed last years, you can see my 2014 Travel by the Numbers recap here.

So the 2015 snapshot:

Total miles flown: 104,740 miles via 62 flights flown through 34 airports on 11 different airlines visiting 7 different countries (outside of the airport). 4 of those 7 countries were net new for me, increasing my total number of countries visited to 47. Of that, I’d estimate that 70% was for business, 30% for pleasure – blurry due to a mix of both on some trips (but a slightly better balance than last year).

This was, of course, enough to once again help me achieve 1K status on United Airlines.

Total flight time (not including delays): about 253 hours… Essentially 10.5 full days of my year was spent on a plane

Hotel nights: 74

Nights sleeping on a plane: 9

Nights crashing with friends while traveling: 6


By flight count:


By distance flow:


Airports visited:


Flights by distance:


Here’s to a great year past and an even more exciting year to come!

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  1. That is a lot of travel! And a great visualization. How did you pull that together? Would be fun to do one myself.

    • Krista

      I’ve used this tool the past two years: http://cem.re/year-in-review/

      Note that you need to make sure your TripIt account is completely up to date and accurate to get the right stats. Both years I’ve had to go back through each trip to ensure all the segments were correct to remove some questionable data from the infographics.

  2. Yowza! That is some schedule. Thanks for sending along the tooltip! I think you would have painted a clearer picture if you included number of hours in plane delays, snoring passenger to screaming baby ratio, and upper/lower control limits of restroom functionality. 🙂 See you in March for eMetrics SF!

    • Krista

      I actually kept a google spreadsheet of minutes flow & delays for the first half of the year but then got too busy to maintain it. and… it was a bit depressing, lol. See you in March!

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