2014 Travel By The Numbers

Happy New Year! Wow, I can’t believe 2014 is already behind us, it really did FLY by…  Ha.. see what I did there? 😉

2014 was a big year in travel for me, both professionally and personally. Given the data nerd that lives in my very core, I thought I’d throw together the numbers and stats for a quick analysis.

Thankfully, this year TripIt made pulling all of my flight miles together really easy and they even presented it in some fun infographics (see below).

So the 2014 snapshot:

Total miles flown: 109,121 miles via 60 flights on 11 different airlines visiting 11 different countries (outside of the airport). Of that, I’d estimate that 75-80% was for business, 20-25% for pleasure – blurry due to a mix of both on some trips.

Total flight time (not including delays): about 233 hours… Essentially 10 full days of my year was spent on a plane

Hotel nights: 93

Nights sleeping on a plane: 6

Nights crashing with friends while traveling: 6


By flight count:

By distance flow:

Airports visited:

Flights by distance (in kilometers… even though the first data points were presented in miles… weird):

This one is kind of depressing… flights by hours flown:

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