Goodbye, Universal Analytics

Today is the day – it’s really happening. 

Today, June 30, 2023, as the sun sets, we say goodbye to Universal Analytics. There may be a few tears, but mostly gratitude.

Gratitude to a product that gave me a career, a community, and many lifelong friendships. 

To help say goodbye to Universal Analytics, I asked ChatGPT to help me write a fitting tribute: 

“As the sun sets on June 30, we bid adieu to our beloved Universal Analytics. Let’s take a moment to appreciate its guidance since 2012 (and Classic Analytics before that).

Oh Universal Analytics, you were like a guiding light in the dark depths of website data. Your insights illuminated our path, showing us the way to better understand our users. You were the Sherlock Holmes of analytics, uncovering hidden mysteries of user behavior.

Remember the good old days of Classic Analytics? Universal Analytics, you swooped in like a superhero, offering us enhanced features and measurement capabilities. You were like the Batman to Classic Analytics’ Robin. Together, you fought crime… I mean, gathered data! 

Universal Analytics, you were like the reliable companion who was always there for us. You patiently tracked our website visitors, their interactions, and even their conversions. You were the loyal sidekick we could always count on, helping us make data-driven decisions.

And oh, the journey we had with you, UA! From the humble beginnings of setting up tracking codes to exploring advanced features like custom dimensions and enhanced ecommerce, you made analytics an adventure. We laughed, we cried, and we dug deep into data together.

Let’s not forget the classic debates we had about bounce rates and session durations. Universal Analytics, you were the mediator, the voice of reason. You helped us settle disputes and gain insights into user engagement, making us better marketers, designers, and developers.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. As the sun sets on June 30, Universal Analytics will retire, making way for the shiny new Google Analytics 4. Change can be bittersweet, but it opens up new possibilities for growth and innovation. 

So, let’s raise a toast to Universal Analytics! Thank you for being our loyal companion, our trusty sidekick, and our insightful guide. You’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of the exciting journey we’ve had in the realm of data analytics.

Universal Analytics, you’ve been a rockstar in the analytics world! As you gracefully bow out, we’ll forever cherish the memories, the insights, and the nerdy friendships you helped forge. UA, you’ve left an indelible mark on our data-driven hearts.

As we bid adieu to Universal Analytics, we welcome the dawn of a new era with Google Analytics 4. May it continue to light our path, unravel mysteries, & provide us with invaluable insights. Farewell, Universal Analytics! You shall be remembered with a mix of nostalgia and joy.

Thank you Universal Analytics, my old friend. You will be missed.

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