Introduction to Advanced Analysis

Google Analytics recently launched their new Advanced Analysis feature set into public beta for all Google Analytics 360 users. To say I’m excited about this launch would be an understatement. I’m beyond thrilled! This feature set is near and dear to me as I’ve been hard at work helping build it for quite some time now. In addition to my personal ties to it though, the practitioner in me is excited because the ability to slice and dice data, find interesting segments, analyze funnels, compare segments, and discover insights goes well beyond anything we’ve had in Google Analytics before. In short, it’s REALLY DAMN COOL!

The tool launched with three techniques to help you take your analysis to the next level:

Exploration: this is a table driven report that allows you to slice and dice by segment, column, and row, and to break down, filter, and compare your data sets. It’s a super powerful way of doing analysis on your data sets.

Segment Overlap: This report allows you to add up to 3 segments at a time to see how they overlap and interact. If you find an interesting intersection, you can create a segment from it to use in analysis, remarketing with Google Ads/Google Marketing Platform, targeting with Optimize, and more.

Funnels: This report takes the capabilities of Custom Funnels in Analytics 360 to the next level. You can analyze a funnel of up to 10 steps, add up to 4 segments for comparison, and break it down or filter by the metrics and dimensions you care about. And of course, you can create segments or audiences from the drop off for all of the same great uses as mentioned above.

I’ll go into more detail of each of these techniques in subsequent blog posts, but for now, I’ll leave you with two introductory videos that help get you into the product and ready to start analyzing.

Introduction to Advanced Analysis

Navigating the Advanced Analysis interface

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