Twitter: the #PowerofSocial as a Customer Service Tool

We’ve all been there… cancelled flights, headaches, worries of never getting rescheduled, and an endless phone tree that takes forever to wade through… and now enter the #powerofsocial

I happened to pick a particularly dark and stormy weekend to travel on a recent trip from SFO to Virginia. The day of my flight, I get an automated phone call from Delta letting me know my flight had been canceled. Crap, what do I do?! First reaction was to get on the phone with customer service. 30 minutes later I hadn’t gotten anywhere and was dropped shortly after finally connecting with an agent. *Lightbulb* – Delta has a Twitter assist handle. Why not give it a try? It couldn’t hurt.

Turns out, Delta’s @DeltaAssist handle gave me one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve had a few good experiences in the past, notably with the @ComcastCares handle, but this experience blew me away. If you have any doubts that Twitter is a great medium for customer service, you won’t after reading the below interactions!

While waiting to board the plane in SF, there were multiple delays due to weather and runway closures. Thankfully, Delta’s agents were there to entertain! A few tweets I shared about the lovely Alejandro G who was manning my gate:

In the end, I’d really just like to re-iterate my thanks and satisfaction to Delta’s Twitter customer service team. They are doing an awesome job, responding quickly, and greatly increasing customer satisfaction. I once said I’d never fly Delta again (a CSAT issue a few years back), but when I found myself booked on this series of flights and after having seen the great leaps Delta has made recently via social media, I will once again happily fly Delta to my next destination!

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