#eMetrics SF 2013 wrap-up

Last month I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the 2013 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in SF. What is always a good conference seemed even better this time around. The sessions I attended were high quality (as always), but the biggest (personal) take away was how close this industry is and how talented a group of people I fairly regularly (via the conference cirucit and a few other random get togethers) get the pleasure of hanging out with. I couldn’t imagine another industry with cooler more talented people.

What makes it even better is that we all have the opportunity (and a lot of us do!) to interact on a daily basis via twitter and other social channels which helps foster the awesome relationships you make at these types of events. I’m sure John Lovett would have some good commentary about social media networking here 😉

Besides awesome people and networking (which is ALWAYS on my top takeaways list), here are a few other highlights from the sessions I attended (not exhaustive – so many good sessions, so little time).

People & Process

I loved Tim Wilson’s session on Web Optimization Process Management (which he correctly noted was the most sexily named session of all of eMetrics). One of my big takeaways was his “Adapt to act & learn” acronym.

  • A: align on goals and KPIs
  • D: discover hypotheses across the company
  • A: assess the hypothesis and your approach
  • P: prioritize the hypothesis
  • T: test the highest priority hypothesis
  • Act on the results
  • Learn for the future – you can’t move on until you’ve learned from your results.

And on that last note – don’t just make a deck for a few people to see, put the results at the forefront of the discussion:








Social & Big Data

Susan Etlinger gave a great preso on how Social Media meets Big Data (nice mashup of the two biggest buzzwords of the past few years). It is always a good day when I get to hear Susan’s words of wisdom! Key takeaways:

1. It’s not just about IT data and analysts

  • social data stakeholdrs are big data stakeholders. build relationships and plan cohesive analytical approaches
  • enterprises are already starting to integrate social and enterprise data, get ahead of the curve
  • this requires mutual education
  • cultivate your business skarhodlers now, icnludeding exec champions

2. It requires a holistic approach with tailored execution

  • analysts across the org must work cohesively with shared approaches and tools
  • this means different backgrounds, skill levels and focus
  • start incrementally and build over time

3. Use social media adoption as a starting point of what to expect

  • finacial: building business cases, what’s working?
  • organization: whichs silos are breaking? how is the org adapting?
  • cultural: what happens when big data is given? how does it affect decision making?
  • political: how are decisions being made? what the the unintended consequences?


Data Viz

After seeing a few tweets from my friend @RachaelGerson about how great Portentinc’s preso would be I knew I had to sit in on this session. So glad I did! Highlights:







Finally, a few conference tweet highlights:







And finally, one of the most true statements I’ve heard in a long time (that Michele Kiss is always so full of wisdom and fast tweeting fingers):



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