GTM Analytics Academy Course Open Till July 24th!

I’m INCREDIBLY excited that we launched our newest Analytics Academy course last week (June 23rd). This course is all about Google Tag Manager and is aimed at helping marketers, analysts, and developers quickly get up to speed on GTM, tagging best practices, and using tag management to improve your analytics (and other tags) implementation.

And I’m INCREDIBLY excited that I have the opportunity to be the instructor for our newest course! This opportunity allows me to bring my passion for teaching GTM to both a technical and a less technical audience and to help GTM education reach the masses. I couldn’t be more excited!


If you’re not familiar with the Analytics Academy, here’s the quick history and relevant links:

  • there are currently 5 courses: Digital Analytics Fundamentals, Platform Principles, Ecommerce Analytics, Mobile App Analytics, and the newest addition, Google Tag Manager
  • they are taught by our Analytics Evangelists and Product Managers
  • the courses are taught in the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) format
  • while the courses are live, you can earn a certificate of completion. After the courses close you can still go through all of the content via self-study.
  • they are a great way to quickly get up to speed and get hands on with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager Analytics Academy course will cover the following topics:

  • the core concepts and principles of tag management using Google Tag Manager
  • how to create website tags and manage firing rules
  • how to enhance your Google Analytics implementation
  • how to configure other marketing tags, like Dynamic Remarketing

We’ve had over 25,000 people register for the course already! Don’t miss your chance to learn about Google Tag Manager and earn your certificate of completion for this course.

Happy Tagging!

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  1. Denis Naranjo

    I should begin by congratulating you on all your successes to date; this is all very inspiring to me and DA is a work area I much prefer; my issue is ramping up my credentials and training. University of Michigan alumnus.

    Caught a DigitalAnalyticsOrg tweet for the July 16, 3-4pm Thought Leadership Conversation you are doing.
    At least I assume you are the presenter. Read your blog her today, read thru some the courses available, it all sounds tantalizing, attractive and interesting.
    I wish to transition technology writing, content development) to analytics work; seek to expand my skills set. Training is lacking in my area (Detroit) so I’m always keen to track what’s happening in digital markets on the west coast — more progressive in my view.
    And I see you have a certification in web analytics. That is my focus right now.
    What is the cost for these (5) courses (Analytics Academy) individually? Are these online? or classroom?
    I see you’re one of the trainers — that would be a marvelous experience given your expertise.

    Please note, I’m not a DAS member yet; $200 cost is prohibitive and I’d rather invest the $$ into training first.
    Appreciate your assistance and feedback on how to proceed — training, knowledge acquisition, DAS benefits.
    Denis Naranjo
    Detroit, Mich

    • Krista

      Hi Denis,

      I’m glad to hear you want to get into the Digital Analytics field – it’s a very exciting industry!

      All of the courses on the Analytics Academy are free! So you can take them all and learn without any costs. And if you complete the GTM course by July 24th, you’ll also earn a certificate of completion to prove that you’ve finished the course.

      Best of luck!

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