I’ve been blessed the past several years to combine my work life with lots and lots of travel. Much of that travel has taken me to new places around the world (but I also get to go to exciting spots such as Kansas City and Cleveland 😉 )

Many of you may know that I’ve set off on an exciting, nerve-wracking, and very interesting 3.5 month adventure to Asia to focus our Google Analytics Education & Advocacy efforts in the region. I’m lucky that I’m able to take off a few weeks in the beginning and a couple at the end to explore some really cool places along the way.

I’m going to write posts about each country I visit, and thoughts along the way. So you have an idea of where this is going, here’s my schedule for the next few months:

June 18-26: Myanmar
June 27 – July 10: Thailand
July 10 – August 12: Singapore
August 13-21: Vietnam & Laos
August 22 – September 4: Japan
September 5-11: China
September 12-16: Hong Kong
September 17-Oct 1: Philippines

That’s a pretty packed schedule with a nice combination of work and play. I look forward to telling you all about it!