Streamview in Google Analytics

One of the cool new reports coming over from Google Analytics for Firebase (GA4F) to the new App + Web Property in Google Analytics is Streamview. This is essentially Realtime 2.0 (if you’re familiar with the Realtime reports in Google Analytics).  What’s the difference? Realtime 1.0 (aka in Universal Analytics) is the original Realtime report in Google Analytics. You’ll recognize the iconic (though arguably not super beautiful looking) design below. It tells you how many people are on your site right now, what the referral source is, where they are geographically, what events are happening on site, etc. It doesn’t allow you to segment or dive deeper into that data though.  Streamview (aka Realtime 2.0) first made its appearance in GA4F, along with its counterpart, Debugview (a super cool tool … Continue reading Streamview in Google Analytics