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Based on years of experience as an analytics practitioner, product manager for Google Analytics, and the Evangelist for all things Analytics at Google

KS Digital will help you diagnose what is going well, and what can be improved in your Google Analytics implementation.

KS Digital founder Krista Seiden has designed hundreds of implementation solutions, using that experience to write Google's own best practice recommendations.

Analytics Audits

Solution Design


Krista has trained millions of people to use Google Analytics. Learn from the best by hiring KS Digital to train your teams to be analytics rockstars.

Digital Analytics 


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Teacher & Educator

With over a decade of experience in the digital field, Krista gives back to the community by writing and teaching for the Google Analytics Academy. You can see her course on Google Tag Manager,  Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, and Google Analytics for Power Users.

What is KS Digital?

KS Digital is an Analytics Consultancy, founded by former Google Analytics Advocate Krista Seiden. KS Digital focuses on Analytics audit and solution design services, as well as digital strategy advising and training for Google Analytics and the Google Marketing Platform

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